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Our partnership aims to transform autism services in Scottish Borders

Borders ASN (Additional Support Needs) Parent Carer Forum has teamed up with national charity, Scottish Autism to raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism in the Scottish Borders and improve the lives of local autistic people and their families. 


The project has secured funding for one year from Scottish Borders Health and Social Care Partnership, and the Borders Council, to support project costs. This includes the appointment of a new Autism Community Coordinator, Pauline Grigor.


The aim of the project is to work with organisations, statutory services, community groups and the autistic community in the local area to build capacity within their service design and delivery.

The project objectives include:

  • Raise understanding of Autism in the Scottish Borders and build capacity for positive change and improvement.

  • Improve the lives of the Autistic community in the Scottish Borders.

  • Create a “One Point of Contact” 

  • Develop an Autism Network with specific steering groups 

  • To create an Autism Framework of support in the Scottish.


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Borders ASN Forum

Scottish Autism

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