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Covid-19 Reponse


The following report outlines the coordinated support provided to ASN families living in Scottish Borders by Borders Additional
Needs Group and Meeting of Minds.


This report highlighted the impact that school and respite closures had on ASN children and highlight the wider impact on their families. This report will cover the response from Borders Additional Needs
Group and Meeting of Minds during the first two months of Covid-19 lockdown and highlight the lack of support available to ASN families during Coronavirus pandemic.

Extra Help To Travel

First Bus have provided an excellent resource for traveling on their buses. Use their cards to show the driver and inform them to make sure your journey goes smoothly.

Autism: Guidance for Teachers

One Stop Shop Aberdeen have created 3 crucial guides for teachers as we transition to the return to school. 

Written by people with Autism, the guides provide a great understanding of the essential requirements when returning to school. 

Covid-19 Educational Book

Mindheart have a useful booklet to educate and reassure children under the age of 7 of Covid-19.

Mindheart say: "This book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions arising from the current situation. It is important to point out that this resource does not seek to be a source of scientific information, but rather a tool based on fantasy."

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